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My goal is to leverage my 30+ years in healthcare and over 5 years in medical fraud investigations to provide the knowledge, tools, and resources you need so that you can become the CHAMPION of two of your greatest assets ... your health and your wealth!  

Angel Cellucci, Founder Overbrook Consultants


"Your HEALTH Should Never Jeopardize Your WEALTH!"

Healthcare decisions are some of the most important and most expensive decisions you ever have to make.  As the CEO & CFO of your wellness journey, it is imperative that you have the knowledge and tools you need in order to increase your decision-making capabilities.  Doing so will allow you to have a more collaborative relationship with your providers, and to ultimately make better and more informed decisions for your health & wellness needs.




Gain the knowledge & skills you need through one of the online courses, webinars, and workshops created just for you!



My goal is to reach, teach, and empower as many people as possible through social outreach & speaking engagements.  Let's connect!  

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Incredible Value.
Peace Of Mind.

“The value (of the organizational system) is incredible!  It took less than one hour to set this up with all of my dad’s information.  Now I don’t have to go look for his doctor’s or insurance carrier’s information.  It’s all right here!  As a caregiver, the DOVE system saves me so much time, mental energy, and gives me peace of mind.”  Vanessa C.

Highly Recommend!
Masterful & Enthusiastic.

We would highly recommend Ms. Cellucci to anyone who deals with medical bills. She offered advice to empower us on our own, in addition to letting us know services that she offers, should we wish to have additional help. We would be happy to entertain questions by anyone considering Ms. Cellucci as a vibrant, well-informed speaker on a topic affecting so many of us.

 Christine E.

So Helpful!

“WOW!  This organization system is very simple to set-up and use.  So thorough and helpful.  I already feel calmer and more in control.  Thank you!”  Florence C

"An educated person is empowered; thus, more likely to become healthy!"

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